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Ticket-free parking

Forget about looking for the car park attendant and validating your ticket when you want to leave.

Enter and exit car parks without having to validate a ticket

Use your Via-T device and Bip&Drive app to easily, quickly and safely park at an extensive network of car parks, including airports, RENFE train stations, El Corte Inglés department stores, and the SABA and Empark car park chains.

You can enter and exit more than 200 car parks across mainland Spain without having to validate the ticket in the machine thanks to the Via-T device technology, as well benefiting from a whole host of discounts available at these car parks.

It's as straightforward using your Bip&Drive app to search for the car park you want to use and find out the fastest route there, all without having to log out from the app.

Now you can also park your vehicle at car parks equipped with registration number recognition technology. This system reads your registration number and saves it in the car park's database, allowing you to enter and exit whenever you wish. You can complete or update your vehicle details and registration number from your Customer Area or from your profile in the Bip&Drive app.

This is how Via-T technology works at car parks

Via-T reader at entrance and exit: The barrier goes up automatically when entering and leaving, and it's Via-T technology that controls the time that your vehicle has been parked.

Registration number recognition: The barrier will go up when you arrive at the entrance of the car park as it recognises your vehicle's registration number. To do this, remember to fill in your vehicle details in your App profile or from your Customer Area.

Car parks with Via-T reader only at the exit: You'll have to take a ticket when entering and parking your vehicle. You don't need to validate the ticket to leave; simply put it in the exit reader and the control system will recognise your Via-T device and open the barrier.

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