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Pay per use

If you don't travel much, or you're still not sure, this is the perfect plan for you. You only pay for the months you need it.

Pay per use

Device + Free Registration

Spain and Portugal + France €2 + VAT/month of use Delivery €6.50 + VAT

/ month of use
Shipping cost
6.50 euros. VAT not included.
Contract methods
Only App and online
Replacement in the event of theft or loss
Device and registration cost
Shipping time
48 hours*
Included. Light vehicles only.
Price in France
2.00 euros for each month of usage in France. VAT not included.
Long-term commitment
None. You can unsubscribe at any time with no penalty.
Topping up your balance
You do not need to top up and maintain a balance. At Bip&Drive we pay for your usage and invoice you at the end of each period.
Payment method
Account transfer or bank card from the company of your choice
Invoices for the total of traffic costs and usage, along with service costs, are issued monthly. You can check your bill in the App and in the Customer Area of the website.
Discounts on Highways
Electronic toll payment is the only way to get discounts on motorways. Click to check here the applicable discounts for each motorway.
Available from Monday to Friday from 9am to 9pm.
* In August, the customer service hours will be from 9.00 am to 3.00 pm.
Languages spoken
Spanish, English and Catalan
Fraudulent use insurance
As soon as theft or loss is reported by the client, the device is deactivated and the client is not responsible for any fraudulent use.
Additional device holders
If you need additional device holders for other vehicles, they can be requested in the Customer Area. We will send you a pack of 2 device holders .

The cost is €5. VAT not included.
Inhibitor box
All our devices are equipped with an inhibitor box in case you do not want to use the Via-T when going through a toll point. Simply place your device in the inhibitor box and store it in the glove compartment until you need it again.
Installation Kit
All our devices are provided with an installation kit consisting of a quick guide and an anti-grease cloth to prepare the inside of the windshield of your vehicle, where the Via-T will be placed.
If you are a motorcyclist, you can hire our exclusive Via-T bracelet for motorcycles for €25, VAT not included. The only approved support that guarantees the opening of the barrier and the correct reading of the Via-T signal when traveling on a motorcycle.
Use in car parks
The Via-T system is also installed in many car parks in Spain to facilitate payment without having to stop at the barrier or validate the ticket. You can enjoy Via-T discounts in the national network of car parks associated with Bip&Drive, including SABA, El Corte Inglés car parks, airports, AVE stations, etc.
Click here to check the discounts for each car park.
Use in parking meters
You can park in regulated parking areas (green zone, blue zone and red zone) in your city with Via-T through the Bip&Drive App. Click here to check the list of municipalities where this service is available.
Access to your Bip&Drive Client Area:

- My Profile: You can manage and modify your personal data, bank details, contact and billing address, language and preferred means of communication.

- My Products: Control the status of your contracted devices, request additional products and link your vehicle's registration plate to the electronic toll collection device.

- My Invoices: Consult and download your detailed invoices for tolls, car parks and parking meters.

- My Charges: Consult and download the tickets for charges that you need.

- Notifications: Set the language and means of sending Bip&Drive notifications and automatic notifications, such as the availability of the invoice.
To enjoy all the advantages offered by Via-T, download the free Bip&Drive App, available for iOS and Android.

 - Save on tolls by paying for petrol with Bip&Drive.

 - Pay for parking meters using your mobile, with Bip&Drive as a payment method.

 - Book your vehicle inspection test appointments.

 - Find charging points for electric vehicles.

 - Check the savings made via Via-T.

 - Download your monthly invoices and the tickets you need.

 - Check Via-T discounts on motorways and car parks.

 - Calculate your route.

 - Order new devices or additional formats.
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