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New protection services in the Bip&Drive app

Check out the Protection section in the Bip&Drive app

New protection services in the Bip&Drive app
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Contingency coverage related to your vehicle at the best price, and everything directly from the Bip&Drive app

Robo de objetos en vehículo

Theft of objects from a vehicle

If your laptop, tablet, sunglasses, reading glasses, bag, wallet or purse are stolen from your vehicle through a broken window or forced lock, we’ll cover you for up to 1,000 euros.

For only €3.50 a year, enjoy the peace of mind that your personal belongings will be well protected

  • Up to 1,000 euros of coverage

  • Valid from just 25 kilometres from your home
  • Covers personal computers and tablets
Vehículo de sustitución

Replacement vehicle

With our replacement vehicle coverage, turn your current insurance into a premium policy with the guarantee of having a car instantly available whenever you need one.

What's more, you can opt for a financial compensation to use however you wish, and all with legal protection throughout the process.

  • Vehicle just one call away
  • Choose between compensation or vehicle
  • Legal coverage
Reclamación y avisos de multas

Appeals and notices of fines

Have you been issued a speeding ticket and you weren't driving your car? Have you had 3 points withdrawn from your licence for driving while talking on your mobile? Sometimes, the points on your driving licence are taken away and you might find yourself in a tricky situation if you use your car every day.

We want you enjoy peace of mind and know that you can recover the points you've lost. And we also appeal on your behalf for any unfair parking fines.

  • Appeals and notices of fines
  • Search for fine in official publications
  • Notice of fines
Reclamación y avisos de multas

Responsabilidad civil para patinetes

Protégete contra daños a terceros y adelántate a la futura obligatoriedad del seguro de responsabilidad civil para patinetes. Contrata nuestro seguro, y tendrás cobertura en caso de daños a terceros, además de disponer de defensa jurídica en todo el territorio español.

  • Responsabilidad Civil por 150.000€
  • Defensa jurídica por 1.500€
  • Sin franquicias

Consulta más información y contrata tu seguro de patinete eléctrico

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