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Make the most of Bip&Drive by talking to Alexa's Skill

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Your road trips will be easier thanks to Alexa and Bip&Drive.

Use Alexa's Skill to search for a nearby service area or petrol station on your route and turn on navigation to get to them. In addition, with Bip&Drive you can plan your car routes in advance, know the price of tolls, know what Via-T discounts are available, and much more!

Listen to how the Bip&Drive Skill can help you!

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This is how it works the first time:

Abre la app de Alexa y en el menú Más, selecciona Skills y juegos.

Open the Alexa app and in the More menu, select Skills and games..

En la lupa en la parte superior derecha, escribe Bip&Drive y dale a buscar.

On the magnifier on the top right, write Bip&Drive and search.

En la Skill Bip&Drive, pulse en Permita su uso y activa los servicios de ubicación.

On the Bip&Drive Skill, click on "Allow its use" and activate the location services.

Y comienza diciendo “Alexa, abre bip and drive”.

And start off by saying, “Alexa, open bip and drive.” .

Followed by whatever you need: search for a service area, check the price of tolls, search for a petrol station...etc.

And you can combine all this with the app to benefit from discounts and make payments directly.

Requirements and Instructions

· It is only available for certain geographical areas.

· Have a good internet connection at all times.
· Have geolocation permissions activated.
· Have Spanish (Spain) as the default language, both on the Amazon Alexa app itself and in Phone Settings, in the Amazon Alexa app settings.

Why do you have to use the Skill?

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By making use of this skill, there is a direct impact on road safety. Being able to keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road, we make it easier for users to search for information via Alexa, preventing accidents or safety problems. What's more, CO2 emissions into the atmosphere will be reduced and you will be able to plan the trip and stops in advance, thus reducing the driving time.

How is the Skill activated or found?

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To start using the Bip&Drive Skill, just tell Alexa: "Alexa, open Bip and Drive". In this way you can start looking for the information you need for your trip. You can find the skill on the Alexa app, in the More menu on the bottom right, selecting Skills and games. There you can see which skills are active and Bip and Drive should be there. To get the most out of the skill, allow its use and activate the location services.

Why should I allow geolocation?

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In order for Bip&Drive to provide the service and improve your driving experience, you need to accept the geolocation permission within the skill. In this way, when searching for petrol stations or service areas along the way, Bip&Drive will be able to find the closest and most convenient one, creating a personalised service. In the same way, it will help to provide the necessary service to clients, giving them the appropriate directions adapted to their situation.

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