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Bip&Drive > All your motorway journeys on the Bip&Drive app

All your motorway journeys on the Bip&Drive app

Link your Via-T device to the Bip&Drive app and calculate the cost of your route or check all your journeys

Link your Via-T device to the Bip&Drive App

You can link the Bip&Drive App to your electronic toll device and calculate the cost of your route, check the estimated toll price and see the time left to your destination. We'll show you points of interest along your route so you can make the most of your trip and enjoy all the mobility services of the Bip&Drive App.

The Bip&Drive App is the only electronic toll App that lets you pay for petrol, book your next vehicle inspection, check all your journeys, see the cost of the tolls you've passed through, download your receipts and invoices, view the discounts applied, and much more.

Check motorway discounts

Movil parking

Do you have questions about how to check the cost of your route?

Here's a brief tutorial

Paso 1
1. In the Bip&Drive App tap on motorways.
Paso 2
2.With the GPS function of your mobile phone enabled , you'll see a map with all the toll roads around you, los detalles de la vía y el tipo de descuento que ofrece la propia autopista.
Paso 3
3. By tapping on “Calculate the cost of a route”,you can set your starting point and your destination.
Paso 4
4. You'll see the route to follow,the estimated toll price Peaje, the distance to your destination and the time it will take you to arrive.

Calculate the time of your route and the price of tolls

By linking your Via-T device to the Bip&Drive App, you will have a record of all your journeys and you will be able to calculate the timing of your next route and toll charges. Give it a try!

Download the Bip&Drive App

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