Bip&Drive > Travel without stopping on all toll motorways? in Spain, France and Portugal

Travel without stopping on all toll motorways? in Spain, France and Portugal

Sign up for your annual service for a fee of
€ 15 + VAT and get your bracelet
for € 20 + VAT

First bracelet authorised exclusively for motorcyclists,
 which ensures the barrier opens and the Via-T
 signal is read correctly

  • With exclusive Via-T discounts
  • No fees or commissions or balance hold

  • Detailed monthly bill
  • No fixed term
15€+IVA/ año de uso
Dispositivo + Alta + Envío Gratis

Choose your BIP&DRIVE method for motorcyclists


Annual service fee €15 + VAT + Motorcycle bracelet €25 + VAT€20 + VAT

BIP&DRIVE BRACELET If you already have a Via-T device

Motorcycle bracelet €25 + VAT

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What motorcyclists are saying
“I have my Via-T device but I don't know where to place it when I travel by motorbike”

“Sometimes it can be dangerous stopping at the toll if the car behind doesn't stop in time”

“It's inconvenient to take off my bike gloves to get my wallet out and pay the toll”
The Bip&Drive advantages for motorcyclists

First electronic toll equipment marketed in Spain exclusively for motorcyclists, which improves your road safety and ensures the barrier opens.

Hermetically sealed

Guarantees its strength and waterproofness in accordance with the international protection standard IP65.

Convenience and speed with Via-T

No need to stop and search for your ticket. No more queues or waiting. Travel without obstacles.




No advance payments or hidden costs.
No minimum contract term. Cancel the service with a single telephone call.

A single bill

A single monthly bill with your trips in Spain.
A single monthly bill with your trips in Portugal.
A single monthly bill with your trips in France.
Download it every month from the Customer Area.

Choose your own bank

If you are in Spain, that’s enough for us. The choice is yours.

Permanent customer services

Your satisfaction is what matters most to us. We’re always ready to help you through your customer area or by calling 911 113 737

Your customer area

From the moment you register you’ll have your own private space where you can edit your details, track the delivery of your device, check your bills. In the future you’ll also have access to exclusive services and promotions.

Cost savings

Bip&Drive entitles you to exclusive discounts whenever you use Via-T on motorways or in car parks.
See our discount map.

Less than the cost of a coffee

Free device.
Annual fee €18.15 VAT included. Less than a coffee a month!



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