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Save with the Bip&Drive app

Did you know that by using the Bip&Drive app you can save on all mobility costs associated with your vehicle?   Enter how much you spend per month on each service into this calculator and get an estimate of the savings you can make.

Calculate how much you can save with Bip&Drive

Total saving::

Petrol stations/Autogas stations

How much do you spend per month on petrol?

0 L
400 L
You save 84€ per year
* Calculated saving on petrol based on petrol stations that offer Gold Discount (10 cents per litre refuelled).


How much do you spend per month on tolls?

You save 34€ per year*
* Average of 7.8% saved on tolls. Much higher savings are possible depending on the customer's mobility profile and discounts on each motorway.

Car washes

How many times do you have your car washed per month?

0 Washed
10 Washed
You save 39€ per year
* Calculated saving based on an average car wash (Special, €6.50) at car washes that offer Platinum Savings (50% off the total cost).


Do you have your vehicle inspected in Madrid or Murcia?

How often do you have your car inspected?

I don't need to have
it inspected
Once a year
Every two years
You save 12€ per year
* Calculated saving on vehicle inspections based on inspection centres that offer Gold Savings: €12 for each purchase (Community of Madrid).


Quant gastes en aparcaments al mes?

You save 48€ per year
* Calculated saving on parking based on car parks that offer Gold Savings (20% off the amount paid with Via-T).


Quant gastes en parquímetres al mes?

You save 12€ per year
* With Bip&Drive you save 10% because we don't charge fees for paying for parking meters, unlike other apps.

Save with the Bip&Drive app

Using the Bip&Drive app saves you money. Not only will you quickly cover the cost of your Via-T device, but you'll also save money on tolls, filling up at petrol stations, washing your car and even parking!

Take advantage of the discounts on services in the app and deposit the savings in your Bip&Drive account. The money saved on each payment will be automatically deducted from your invoice.

Use the Payments section in the app to easily check your payments broken down by service, how much money you've saved and your monthly invoices.

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