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Park without a parking meter

Forget about coins and pay no commissions with the Bip&Drive app

Pay for green and blue zones from your mobile

You can now pay for parking in regulated zones (blue zone/green zone) in Barcelona and five other cities from the Bip&Drive app.

Now, when you park your vehicle in these areas, you'll no longer need to calculate how much time you're going to stay, as with the Bip&Drive app you only pay for the exact number of minutes parked.

Drive around the city without having to worry about tickets and forget about paying too much to park. Pay directly from the app. You'll no longer have to look for the nearest parking meter or leave a paper ticket in your vehicle.

And no commissions! We don't add any commissions to the cost of parking.

Once you've parked the car, the app generates a digital ticket that traffic wardens can check in real time. When you've finished parking, you can download a receipt from the Amount Spent section of your Bip&Drive app.

What's more, the app will let you know when the allowed parking time is coming to an end (usually two hours). You can locate your vehicle, cancel any fines and control your spending at all times from your Customer Area or from the Bip&Drive app.

Check the available municipalities

Movil parquimetro

Park with your Bip&Drive App at:

Imagen de icono parquimetro


Imagen de icono parquimetro


Imagen de icono parquimetro


Imagen de icono parquimetro

L'Hospitalet de Llobregat

Imagen de icono parquimetro

Sant Joan Despí

Imagen de icono parquimetro

Sant Just Desvern

Imagen de icono parquimetro

Santa Coloma de Gramanet

We\’ll show you how to do so step by step:

Paso 1
1. Select the PARKING METERS option in the main menu and a with your location will be displayed.Tap START to continue.
Paso 2
2. You can choose the vehicle you're going to park if you have several ones in the App. Select if you're in agreen zone or a blue zone.
Paso 3
3. TapCONFIRM and your parking time will begin. You can check the accrued cost in real time. Remember that our service has no commission added to the price for parking.
Paso 3
4. When you want to finish your parking time, tap STOP and a summary screen will appear.
Paso 3
5. If you need, you can a parking receipt from the AMOUNT SPENT section(at the bottom of the screen).
Paso 3
6. The time parked will be charged to your monthly bill.

No fees or up-front top-ups

The Bip&Drive App is the only one that does not add a 10% fee when parking your car in regulated areas. Plus, we invoice everything at the end of the month.
¡All the benefits!

Are you somewhere else? No worries!Pay for parking meters with Bip&Drive and Telpark

Are you somewhere else? No worries!

This means you can pay for parking meters in more than 80 towns and cities in Spain with your Bip&Drive Via-T.

Pay for parking meters in four straightforward steps:

Paso 1

1. Open the Telpark App.

Paso 1

Paso 2
2. Set your Bip&Drive Via-T device as a payment method.
Paso 3
3. Go to the Parking Meter option in the menu.
Paso 4

4. Select City, Rate, Duration and Payment Method as Bip&Drive.

And then park without worrying about a single thing!

Bip&Drive Pay is a payment method that you can set up and use for free, with no fees or extra costs. You can use it to pay for the services available through the Bip&Drive app: petrol stations, autogas stations, parking meters, car washes or yourpróxima revisión de ITV. next vehicle inspection.

All from a single App!

Download the Bip&Drive App

Available on Google Play Available on the App Store
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