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Don’t let anything get in the way of your holidays, travel unrestricted around France


On 14 June 2016, Bip&Drive, the leading electronic toll company in Spain, and its French partner Bip&Go, launched a new service, which allows users in Spain to pay Spanish, French and Portuguese tolls with a single Vía-T device.

Dispositivo de telepeaje Bip&DriveWhat is the Vía-T device?

It is the first Vía-T device on the European market that is valid for all toll roads in Spain, France and Portugal. Now, users in Spain can travel and pay tolls in France and Portugal using a single device. It operates with short-range waves, also called DSRC (Dedicated Short Range Communication) technology, that allow transactions to be carried out automatically according to the technology in each country: Vía-T in Spain, Liber-t in France and Vía-Verde in Portugal

In addition, Bip&Drive customers will be able to pay for parking with their Vía-T device across the network of national car parks associated with the company (car parks for SABA, El Corte Inglés, AVE train stations, airports, etc.), with no need to validate their ticket. There is also the advantage of combining all travel expenses into a single itemised monthly bill, with a breakdown of the VAT corresponding to each country and payment linked to any bank or bank card.

Why was this new service created?

This innovative product responds to a real demand detected by Bip&Drive and Bip&Go. According to the latest study by the Spanish-French Traffic Observatory at the Ministry of Public Works, in 2013 almost 116,000 light-duty vehicles crossed the border between France and Spain on a daily basis, and this number is increasing every year.

And the prices?

The device can be purchased at, on the Bip&Drive App available for iOs and Android or on freephone 911 113 737. For existing Bip&Drive customers who want to update their device to make it compatible with France, a change of device can be requested at no extra cost through the private customer area or by calling customer services.

Bip&Drive offers two rates for using the new device in France: a payment of 2.4 euros for each month of use in France or a flat rate of 10 euros with unlimited use for a whole year. These prices are in addition to toll payments and the annual maintenance fee for Bip&Drive services in Spain and Portugal, which is 1.5 euros per month. These prices include VAT.

Bip&Drive also offers solutions for companies with customised plans adapted to the needs and size of each company.

Bip&Drive, owned by Abertis, CaixaBank, Cintra and Itínere, is the leading company in the sector, with a market share of 27% and over 500,000 users. In turn, Bip&Go is a subsidiary of the Sanef group and has over 1.3 million Liber-t devices in circulation in France.

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