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Travel to the Sun with SIGO

The Bip&Drive’s prepayment electronic toll for the Autopista del Sol and Autopista Las Pedrizas, Málaga.

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For just €19,99 VAT included

Travel non-stop on the Sol motorway and now also Las Pedrizas

Las Pedrizas - Málaga | Málaga - Estepona | Estepona - Guadiaro

What is SIGO?
Is the first prepayment electronic toll in Europe, badge for exclusive use on the Autopista de Las Pedrizas and Autopista del Sol, Málaga. With SIGO you would be able to pass through the tolls without stopping and access to exclusive discounts in the stretches of the highway Las Pedrizas- Málaga, Málaga-Estepona and Estepona-Guadiaro.
When passing through the tolls at the Autopista de Las Pedrizas and Autopista del Sol, choose the lane with the electronic toll sign ¨T¨. As you approach, the antenna will emit a signal and the barriers will go up, and
 ¡you can pass through!
No cash
SIGO is the only and truly prepayment electronic toll. Buy it, refill it, ready!

Forget about searching for change and cash on highways.
No contract

With SIGO you won´t be asked to sign a contract, neither giving a bank account number, ¡not even your name! You choose how and when you want to register, how much credit you put in your card and how often.
By using SIGO you will have access to exclusive discounts on the Autopista de Las Pedrizas and Autopista del Sol. Check out the current discounts available at: and
How it works
1. Buy your electronic toll device SIGO in the indicated sell points.
    You would be given a refill card with it.
2. Activate it with your first minimum refill of 10€.
3. Place your electronic toll device following the instructions.How it works
How and where to top up SIGO?
You can reload your SIGO at the toll area you purchased it, AUSOL’s Head Quarters or through your client area I NEED .
To access, you just need to enter the last 6 digits of your card number and your SIGO device number.
Consult your traffic and card balance online
Consult your traffic, discounts and card balance online in your SIGO customer area. To access you only need to enter the last 6 digits of your card number and the number of your SIGO device.
Check out the contract conditions in this link.
Other locations where you can purchase SIGO
- Main toll areas: Las Pedrizas, Calahonda, Manilva and San Pedro de   Alcántara.
- Head Quarters of AUSOL.
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