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Bip&Drive is Mobility

All your needs in a single app. Use it regularly and save lots of money.

Bip&Drive Mobility Services

1. Barrier-free tolls Drive

on all the motorways in Spain, France and Portugal without stopping thanks to your Bip&Drive Via-T. The Via-T device lets you pay for and pass through tolls without having to stop. With a Via-T device, you'll enjoy the discounts offered by motorways for using the electronic toll..
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2. Payment at car parks

Park at an extensive car park network with your Via-T device and the Bip&Drive App. Find the nearest car park. Enter and exit the car park without a ticket and without having to validate the ticket in the machine thanks to the Via-T device and registration number recognition, as well benefiting from a whole host of discounts available at these car parks.

3. Payment at petrol stations

Pay at more than 3,600 affiliated petrol stations throughout Spain and take advantage of the discounts available each time you fill up with the Bip&Drive App. Find the nearest petrol station, fill up and get discounts by paying with Bip&Drive. You'll find Galp, Cepsa, Repsol, BP and Shell petrol stations all over Spain, as well as others. Compatible with your Travel Club, Soy Mutua Madrileña and Fast GALP fuel loyalty cards..
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4. Payment at vehicle inspection centres

Reserve and conveniently pay for your next vehicle inspection from the Bip&Drive App. In the Autonomous Region of Madrid, there's also a €12 discount for every vehicle inspection reserved via Bip&Drive..

5. Payment of parking

Pay for parking in regulated zones (blue zone/green zone) from the Bip&Drive app and without the 10% commission applied by other apps.

Avoid fines and conveniently extend your parking time from your smartphone.
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6. Payment at car

Find the nearest car washes from the Bip&Drive App, pay without getting out of your car and get up to 50% off each wash.. Find out whether it's going to rain in the next three days and decide when and where to wash your car.

7. Payment at autogas stations

Fill up and pay via the Bip&Drive App at more than 200 autogas stations in Spain. Get discounts and conveniently pay from your mobile phone without leaving the App.
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8. Electric charging points

Find electric vehicle charging points from the Bip&Drive App, check out the fastest route there, the points available and the type of connectors available.
With Bip&Drive it's easy to save

With Bip&Drive it's easy to save

By using the Bip&Drive app for your day-to-day driving costs, you can benefit from lots of discounts and save money each month. Check out all our discounts!

Learn more about discounts on the app

Con la App de Bip&Drive es fácil ahorrar

Bip&Drive es Movilidad

Bip&Drive App

With the Bip&Drive App, available for iOS and Android, you have all mobility services in one place: Via-T discounts; calculate the cost of tolls on your next route; locate your car when you park; pay for parking meters, petrol stations, car parks and car washes; reserve and pay for your next vehicle inspection appointment, and much more.

Link up your Bip&Drive Via-T device and easily check your payments and toll bills from the app, along with all other payment details broken down by service, and check how much money you've saved.

Download the Bip&Drive App

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