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Bip&Drive commits to the future of electronic tolls with blockchain

The Blockchain Car programme is a project to explore blockchain technology applied to mobility in general, and to cars in particular, promoted by the CEO of Caelum Labsand founding member of Alastria, Alex Puig, who has brought together companies from different sectors (Vodafone Automotive, Repsol, Everis, the Roca Junyent office and Bip&Drive itself) to explore the possibilities that this technology brings to their businesses and the services they can offer to their customers. .

What has the actual conceptual test of blockchain they have performed consisted of?

We wanted to develop a fully flexible, automatic pricing incorporating all the advantages provided by the different components of blockchain technology, with a view to incentivising, at a lower toll cost, those trips that are carried out in an efficient, sustainable and social way. Or, in other words, to reward with a lower toll cost those trips that are made by sharing the journey with other occupants, or making them with an electric car, and why not, accepting the different ability to pay of each driver for the socio-economic reasons which we wish to take into account.

To this end, it has been necessary to incorporate the Digital Identity of the Vehicle, detailing its attributes (age, ECO category, etc.), the Digital Identity of the Driver and all its occupants (vehicle with high occupancy for the journey to be priced, retired driver etc.), the use of a Smart Contractwhich is self-executing at the toll gate and which determines the rate to be applied at any given time, and the virtual wallets of each of the occupants, amongst whom the total cost of the journey is shared.

The Bip&Drive Blockchain Electronic Toll in the press:

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