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New Bip&Drive Via-T DUAL, separate billing for the personal and professional use of your employees.

See the advantages of the Bip&Drive toll collection for businesses

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Save time and money

Reduce the amount of time spent managing your fleet's expenses by bringing them all together on one invoice.

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Unique invoice with transit detail

You will receive a detailed monthly invoice with a VAT breakdown and the details of all your toll, car park and parking meter payments.

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VAT recovery

Deduct the VAT borne on a single note from your monthly bills.

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Sort your charges into personal and professional

Flexibility of billing, you can differentiate professional and personal use with our App and download the tickets for the charges that you need.

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Convenience and speed

The vehicles of your fleet will reach their destination sooner by not having to stop at barriers, wait in queues at the toll booths, or take tickets.

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Vía-T discounts

Enjoy discounts at toll booths and car parks, exclusive to Vía-T. Bip&Drive manages access to discounts for all the vehicles in your fleet.

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Personalised economic conditions

Customised offer adapted to the needs of your company.

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Large Account Manager

Multi-channel personalised attention: email and telephone.

In order to sign up for 1 to 3 devices use the online channel.

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If you wish to buy more than 3 devices, you can contact us at 911113737 or fill in this short form.

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How does the Bip&Drive Via-T for companies work?

If you have 10 or more devices, you can buy the additional DUAL service for all your Bip&Drive Via-T

Dual bipdrive
  • Separate professional/personal use: your employees can link their personal method of payment (bank card) to pay for use made outside working hours.
  • Easy set-up: your company can parameterise usage per day, per service and even per time slot.
  • Greater control over expenses: Via-T DUAL streamlines accounting, reduces fraud and gives a greater control over expenses.

Check the sales conditions on 911 113 737

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