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Customer Service Department

Pursuant to the provisions of Article 9 of Order ECO/734/2004, of 11 March, on Customer Service Departments and the Consumer Ombudsman of Financial Institutions (the "Order"), Bip&Drive, E.D.E., S.A. ("Bip&Drive" or the "Company") is making this document available to its customers in order to summarise the most relevant information on the handling of complaints and claims, and other aspects of interest in terms of transparency and the protection of financial services customers.

Bip&Drive provides specialised and independent customer support (the "Customer Service Department" or "CSD"), in charge of protecting the legal rights and interests of customers in their relations with the Company and processing any complaints and claims from customers submitted to the CSD. The manager of the CSD has been duly appointed by the Board of Directors of Bip&Drive.

Said complaints and claims shall be processed and resolved within two months of receipt thereof via the email or postal address of the CSD indicated below.

For these complaints and claims to be processed according to the stipulations of the Order, the customer must have previously contacted the Company through the means provided in the "Customer Service" section on the Company's website (

The email and postal addresses of the CSD to which customers of the Company may send their complaints and claims are:

Bip&Drive, E.D.E., S.A.

FAO Bip&Drive Customer Service Department

C/ Serrano 45, Planta 2ª

28001 Madrid (Spain)

The information which must be included in the complaint or claim submitted to the CSD is as follows (otherwise, the complaint or claim will not be processed):

(a) Name and surname (or company name) and address of the customer and, where appropriate, of the person representing them; the accreditation of said representation; Spanish ID card, passport or foreigners' ID card; or details of the corresponding public register;

(b) Reason for the complaint or claim, clearly specifying for which issues a ruling is requested;

(c) Office, department or service where the incident included in the complaint or claim occurred;

(d) Statement that the customer is not aware of the complaint or claim being heard at an administrative, arbitral or judicial proceeding; and

(e) Place, date and signature.

Along with this document, the customer must provide the documentary evidence in their possession and on which their complaint or claim is based.

For further information about the handling of complaints and claims, please consult the Company's Customer Service Guidelines, which can be found on the following link.

Once the complaint or claim has been submitted to the CSD, if the response has not been satisfactory or if a period of two months has elapsed since submitting the complaint or claim and no response has been received, the customer may contact the following Claims Services:

Claims Service of the Bank of Spain

Calle Alcalá 48, 28014 Madrid (Spain)


Claims Service of the National Securities Market Commission

Calle Edison 4, 28006 Madrid (Spain)


Claims Service of the Directorate General of Insurance and Pension Funds

Paseo de la Castellana 44, 28046 Madrid (Spain)


Before resorting to these Claims Services, the Order requires the customer to justify having previously contacted the CSD of the Company.

Legislation on transparency and the protection of financial services customers

Legislation on consumer protection and contract terms and conditions:

Legislation on the protection of customers using payment services and electronic money:

Customer service and consumer ombudsman service:

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