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Who we are

Bip&Drive is the leading company in the electronic toll payment sector in Spain, with over one million Via-T devices in use.
Bip&Drive has grown from being the leader in electronic toll payments to become an all-roundmobility platform, which directly provides its customers with the greatest variety of services and the widest market penetration and neutrality, as well as a turnkey solution for other stakeholders in the mobility market.

Our shareholders

Bip&Drive is fully owned by the main motorway concession companies in Spain and one of the leading banks.

First issuer of Via-T

1.000.000 Via-T devices and a market share of more than 30%, handling a volume of €338m per year of journeys.

Our mission: streamline the mobility of our customers

The mission of Bip&Drive is to provide innovative solutions through the use of technology and new payment methods to simplify and streamline the mobility of our customers. All our innovations revolve around the concept of 'Driving is easy with Bip&Drive.'

Electronic Money Institution

Bip&Drive has become an Electronic Money Institution (EMI), which means that it can fully guarantee all mobility services related to private car transport.

Strategic partnerships

Network of major strategic partnerships with financial institutions, licensing authorities and car park operators, among others.

MaaS partnership

Bip&Drive is part of the Europe-wide association known as MaaS (Mobility-as-a-Service), actively helping build the future of mobility in Europe.

Alastria Blockchain

Bip&Drivehas been integrated into Alastria, the first multisectoral consortium supporting the development of blockchain strategies for the Spanish market.

The first Via-T mobility App

Bip&Drive has launched the first electronic toll App that features a series of mobility-related services on the same platform allowing customers to manage pay, control and check their spendingand much more.

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Contribution to sustainability

The use of Via-T reduces emissions
Electronic tolls prevent vehicles from having to stop at toll booths, which in turn reduces emissions associated with pulling up and pulling off. What's more, the system reduces queues and hold-ups caused by drivers who stop to pay in cash or by card.
More than 3,800 electric vehicle charging points.
Bip&Drive customers enjoy constantly updated access to the largest national database of electric vehicle charging points. The different connectors available for vehicles are displayed on each charging point.
Payment at autogas stations (GLP, GNL, GNC)
Bip&Drive has extended the mobile payment feature to include vehicles with autogas-adapted engines. These types of vehicles have very low emission levels.

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