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If you often travel to France,this mode is for you.

Pay a flat rate of only €8 + VAT and use your via-T on all French motorways, each month of the year

This payment is in addition to your Bip&Drive service fee for Spain and Portugal of €15 + VAT.

Promotion not valid for the Pay per use plan.


Whoever has a friend has a treasure

Bring three friends and get a 50% discount for yourself and a 20% discount for them.

Enter the code: SOYAMIGO when you register.
Then request your discount at or by calling 911 113 737, indicating your names and ID card numbers.

Your discount will be applied to the annual fee of the following year and that of your friends to their first annual fee. The promotion may not be used in combination with other offers or promotions.


If you're a biker, no one can stop you

With the unique bracelet approved for Via-T devices, you can ride your bike on all the motorways in Spain, France and Portugal without stopping at toll booths.
If you do not use Bip&Drive, you can get your electronic toll equipment for €35 + VAT:
Annual fee of €15 + VAT and get your bike bracelet for €20 + VAT in one payment. From the second year annual service fee €15 + VAT.
If you already have your Via-T device, get your bike bracelet for €25 + VAT
Now get your Bip&Drive bike pack with free shipping!


Travel through Las Pedrizas with your Via-T from Bip&Drive for 1 €/month

Travel down Las Pedrizas AP-46 motorway with the Treinta y Mueve pass and your Via-T by Bip&Drive.

Enter the promotional code: AP4617 and get your Via-T for just €1 per month!
From the 2nd year onwards, €1.25 +VAT per month.

Free delivery and device.

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