Bip&Drive > Pay at petrol stations with the Bip&Drive app.

Pay at petrol stations with the Bip&Drive app.

New Bip&Drive Pay.
Pay at petrol stations with the Bip&Drive App.

  • Pay at more than 2,600 petrol stations.
  • Each time you fill up, you'll save on tolls.
  • Bip&Drive Pay is a free service for Bip&Drive clients. Nor commissions, neither additional expenses.

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How does it work?

Bip&Drive Pay

What are the advantages of Bip&Drive Pay?

Pay for petrol in one click
from your mobile

Simply download the app and set up Bip&Drive Pay for free:

1. Accept the general terms and conditions of the new service.
2. Create a PIN to authorise payments
3. Add a credit or debit card as a method of payment


More than 2,600 petrol stations

Pay at Galp, Cepsa, BP, Shell and other brands petrol stations adhered all over Spain with Bip&Drive.

Use the app to locate the nearest petrol station with the best discounts.
More petrol stations available soon.

View petrol stations

B&D discounts at petrol stations

Check out the discounts at the petrol stations near you.

Select the one that most interests you (discounts are classified as gold, silver and bronze according to the amount discounted).

Compatible with your loyalty cards.

Find out how to get your discounts

Save on tolls each time you fill up

Each time you fill up, you get Bip&Drive euros that are deposited in your account.

The savings gained will be discounted from your next monthly invoice.

Not only do you get discounts each time you fill up with Bip&Drive, but also for using VIA-T at tolls and paying for car parks.

Find out how to save

Charge up your electric car.

Easily find free charging points for your electric car with our Bip&Drive app.

See your closest charging points

Book your vehicle inspection test

Book your appointment for whenever you like from a list of trusted inspection centres reviewed by other users.

Get discounts and pay securely via the Bip&Drive app.

Find out more

Fill up in more than 150 CNG/LNG fuelling stations

Access the list of CNG/LNG fuelling stations from the App, check the available products (LPG, LNG, CNG) and refill in one click.

Find out your nearest CNG/LNG fuelling station

All your motoring expenses
in a single invoice

With Bip&Drive, all your outgoings for tolls, car parks, parking meters and petrol stations are grouped together in the same place and on a single invoice. Bip&Drive helps you manage your expenses and control the savings achieved with Via-T.

Find out more
Bip&Drive Pay is the payment method by Bip&Drive. It allows you to pay new services available at the App: petrol stations, CNG/LNG fuelling stations and vehicle inspection test among other services available soon. Set up your account for free registering a credit/debit card. Charges will be made at the time.

  • The first thing to do is download the Bip&Drive app and sign in with your username and password.
  • Set up your Bip&Drive Pay account for free in order to pay at petrol stations, fill up in CNG/LNG fuelling stations, book and pay your next appointment for your vehicle inspection test. Accept the general terms and conditions of the service, set up your card as a payment method and, if you want, modify the provisional PIN that will be sent by email. And then you're done!
  • When you need to fill up, open the Bip&Drive app and find the nearest petrol station to you. On the map, you'll see the different petrol stations and the discount offered at each one.
  • To pay, go to the cash desk and show the screen with the QR and the numeric code to the cashier. If you have a loyalty card for fuel, now is the time to show it! Before making the payment, enter your PIN to authorise the transaction.
  • Once you’ve paid, you'll see a screen with the euros gained for filling up with Bip&Drive. This balance will be deposited in your Bip&Drive account. All the accrued savings will be deducted from your next monthly bill for tolls and parking.

Download now!

Available on the App Store Available on Google Play
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