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Frequently asked questions

Check out our page of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) should you have any questions about the service.

1. Can I pay only for the exact time I park?

Yes, with the App Bip & Drive you pay only for the precise time you park - down to the minute. It is a pay-per-use approach.

2. Do I have to find a parking meter to get a parking slip?

No. With the Bip & Drive App, you need not search for parking meters to print your slip, or pay with coins. Once the parking has been completed, the App generates a digital slip from your mobile.

3. Do you have to place a parking slip in the vehicle?

No, the digital slip generated through the App suffices. AREA controllers can check in real time whether a vehicle has generated the corresponding digital slip.

4. Can I use Bip & Drive to park as a resident?

No. At present, this service only allows parking in blue and green zones of the city of Barcelona. Resident parking spaces are excluded because of their special conditions.

5. Where can I use the service?

This service is only available in the city of Barcelona.

6. When and where do I activate the parking service?

Once your vehicle is parked, activate the service in the App so that your GPS locates the exact spot and generates a valid slip.

7. How and when is the parking paid?

You will pay for all your parking lots at the end of the month.

8. Can I buy parking outside of parking hours?

Yes, you can start the parking transaction outside of the regulation hours and you will start paying when the paid timeframe starts.

9. How can I change the card associated with my Bip & Drive account?

Click on the "Profile" button that appears in the lower menu and change it in the "Payment means" section.

10. Can I check all my expenses?

Yes, you can query and download any statement in the "Consumption" section of the App menu.

11. Is it necessary to register in Bip & Drive to use the service?

Yes. Users must register in the Bip & Drive App to gain access to the service.

12. How can I register for Bip & Drive?

You can sign up through your mobile directly from the App or on the web at www.bipdrive.com. You can register in two ways:
Bip & Drive Lite Parking meter Barcelona: exclusive use of the parking meter service in Barcelona. Register only from the Bip & Drive App.
Bip & Drive Via-T: access to all the services offered by the Bip & Drive App: tolls, parking, parking meters, gas stations, statutory vehicle inspections (ITV), recharging of electric vehicles, etc. You can sign up through the App and on the web at www.bipdrive.com.

13. How can I access all services offered by the Bip & Drive App?

If you are a Lite user, you can access all Bip & Drive services through the App or on the web by contracting a Via-T device.

14. Can I link several vehicles to the Bip & Drive App?

Yes, you can link the license plates of as many vehicles as you want in your App profile.

15. Can I use a mobile to park several vehicles at the same time?

No. The App only allows generating a valid receipt at the same time.

16. I forgot where I parked: can the App help me find my vehicle?

Yes. Click on the car icon on the map and it will indicate the exact parking location.

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Discover all the advantages of using our app.


From now on, you need not figure out how long your parking session should be. With the Bip & Drive app, you pay only for the precise parking duration - down to the minute!

Save time and money

Move around the city without a care knowing you will never overpay for parking again.

No cash required

You need not carry cash or a credit card anymore, as payment happens directly through the App.

Forget about parking slips and searching for a parking meter nearby

The App generates and registers a digital slip automatically. Forget about looking for the nearest parking meter and leaving paper slips on your dashboard.

Avoid unnecessary parking tickets

Cancel your parking tickets easily from the App.

Additional services

Vehicle-location service, parking ticket cancellation, consumption control, and much more.

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